Tuesday, April 5

Sandra Star: Super SeXXXStar

"I was very interested in modeling for magazines like SCORE," Sandra Star told us. "I love how beautiful the girls are, and I love that there are so many men who adore girls with big boobs. I love the way SCORE celebrates big boobs. It makes me feel special." When Sandra began appearing in videos and photos, she had just won the Miss Hot SCORE contest. This was sponsored by our German language version of SCORE called Hot SCORE. After that, Sandra took off like a rocket. She has a yen for multiple male partners and leaves them in need of oxygen when they're done. "I don't watch my own videos but I like to watch videos with other girls," Sandra told us. "It's more fun for me to make them than to see them. Sometimes the men who have seen them will ask me questions. The men I meet ask me questions about my boobs, about their size and their weight. My tits fascinate men and I can see in their eyes that they want to touch, suck and kiss my breasts and put their cocks between them. I love my tits."

Wednesday, March 23

Star Boobs

Max provides the stud service luscious blonde German bra-buster Sandra Star loves. He should feel honored and blessed to be chosen for this scene. "What satisfies me depends on the man I am with," Sandra said. "I don't have a favorite position. Every one is quite nice. My pussy is tight. My ass is tighter than my pussy. I am assertive so a man should be more assertive than me. As for going out, I am old-school. I like elegant dinner dates so we can talk and flirt first." "People ask me if I have any fetishes. I tell them not really but I do like kinky shoes." The green-eyed blonde doesn't smoke. Except when she's taking her clothes off. Then she really smokes.

Monday, February 7

Sandra Star: Goin' Greek style

I used to get coffee and breakfast at an old-school Greek deli. The counter men were a rambunctious bunch, either ogling women or cursing at each other. One morning, one of them, praising a customer's shapely ass after she left, blurted out, "De Greek style is the best!" Dimitri would have worshiped the ground Sandra Star walked on. When it comes to the art and sport of sex, she is at the top of her game. Sandra's a SCORE discovery, found by the editor of Hot SCORE, our German edition. He called our office in Miami about Sandra because she won the Miss Hot SCORE magazine contest and wanted to shoot her as soon as possible. Sandra's look has changed since then. Her tits are bigger, her hair is blonder, her overall look is much more sophisticated. When we first made arrangements to film her, she didn't want to speak lines, either in English or German, and preferred to be submissive. So I had to scrap any hope of her dirty talking in either English or German during sex. Like all of Sandra's scenes, this video was shot in Europe. Many girls have anal sex in European porn. Tigerr Benson, Annina, Chloe L'Amoure, Terry Nova, Patty Michova, Jasmine Black, Alice Wayne and Angel Wicky are some of the European SCORE Girls who do anal. In the States, it's a big deal if a girl does anal and a bigger deal if she does DP. However, there have been a number of American SCORE Girls who have done anal, such as Danielle Derek, Stephanie Stalls, Angel Gee, Cat Bangles, and, of course, Daphne Rosen. Another thing about European porn is that the studs there all eat pussy. In the States, the porn guys seem to be wary of getting their faces close to a vagina, much like a bomb squad officer approaching a suspicious package. Sandra likes to make popping sounds when she gives a man head. I like that. There's something very hot about that. I'd like to see more girls do that, even if they're just sucking lollipops in solo scenes. "I like to make that nice popping sound when I am sucking a cock," Sandra said in one of her chats. "My body and my three holes are made for your pleasure. I have huge boobs and bimbo lips. Most guys want to fuck my tits. They are perfect for that. When I meet a guy, the conversation often becomes about my big boobs because they are fascinated by them. Some women are fascinated by them also." SCORE magazine editor Dave wrote, "Sandra is definitely the best she can be at smothering men with her K-cup rockets and sucking and fucking their cocks."

Sunday, January 2

The girl-next-door looks and fucks like this?

"I like sensual foreplay but not for too long," German mega-buster Sandra Star said. Here, the sensual foreplay lasts for about three minutes before Max starts eating her pussy, five minutes, 30 seconds before she has his cock in her mouth. If tit-sucking doesn't count as sensual foreplay, then it's about a minute. Sensual foreplay definitely does not mean banging Sandra in every possible position before cumming on her huge tits, which she has super-sized a few times. She's now one of the bustiest porn stars in the world, although she has not shot a ton of scenes. Less than most. Sandra super-sized her tits for 1.) Private use; and 2.) Because she likes the way they look. So do I. Sandra is one of my favorite girls. She reminds me of porn star Elizabeth Starr in a lot of ways, right down to the blond hair, huge rack and no-holes-barred approach to fucking. Funny thing, though: Our house proofreader always objects when I refer to Sandra as a girl-next-door. "How many cocks does she have to fuck and how big do her tits have to get before you call her a porn star? What kind of girl-next-door does the things she does?" Well, first of all, I'm sure a lot of girls-next-door suck cock and tit-fuck and take dicks in all holes. I'm sure a lot of girls-next-door get DP'd, too. But what I mean is that Sandra has that girl-next-door face and a friendly, girl-next-door way about her. She's like Elizabeth Starr in that way, too. Besides, I'm sure somebody lives next door to Sandra. I mean, she's not a hermit. She doesn't live in an igloo somewhere in the Alaskan wilderness, and even if she did, I'm sure there'd be another igloo next door. "When a guy knows me, he will know exactly what makes me horny," Sandra said. "When I want to feel extra sexy, I put on tight clothing that give me big cleavage, naughty underwear and my favorite lipstick." And where did she buy that underwear and lipstick? At the mall or the store down the street, just like the girl-next-door would.

Tuesday, November 16

The Working Man's Ultimate Fantasy

This is the dream of every electrician, plumber, air-conditioner repairman and literally every service technician who visits customers at home. Dellon, aka Mr. Electric ,is the lucky electrician who's called to the home of sex bomb Sandra Star to repair a light fixture. In real life, home technicians get the fat slob housewife in a housecoat, not the leggy, busty girl who looks like a living Otis Sweat painting. But this is not reality. How many electricians does it take to screw in a light bulb? Don't ask me. I know it takes one electrician to screw a slim, blonde German with huge tits. Sandra is on the phone when Dellon arrives, and she acts like she could not care less about him. She changes her attitude when she eyes the beefy tech and decides she can use a hard dick to keep her busy. Sparks fly and Dellon is shocked by Sandra wanting hard cock while he's on the clock. His next job can wait, so they can get into very high-voltage sex. No man in his right mind would pass on the offer to fuck Sandra. "One of my most favorite things is to swallow cum," said Sandra, winner of the Miss Hot SCORE contest conducted by Hot SCORE magazine, the German version of SCORE. The winner was chosen by porn star Annina. "I swallow every drop and I really love doing it. I make sure a man is fully drained when we are finished." Sandra definitely drained Dellon's batteries.

Monday, October 11

Sandra Star's bathroom bang

SCORE magazine covergirl Sandra Star watches Steve take a bath, and that triggers her need to get fucked. She joins him for soapy sex in the tub. As I've said since Sandra began at SCORE, she's proud of her body and big tits. You can tell by the way she stands, her tits-forward posture and the clothing she buys. Fraulein Star was made for string swimsuits and tank dresses. She wasn't this busty when she won the Miss Hot SCORE contest in Germany. She super-sized her tits a few years later, the sure sign of a woman with a personal breast fetish, one who likes to look at herself and likes people to look at her. "I was very interested in magazines like SCORE, and I like it very much," Sandra said in one of our interviews conducted in Berlin. "I love how beautiful the girls are, and I love that there are so many men who adore girls with big boobs. My tits are perfect for tit-fucking."

Monday, August 16


Sandra Star was a university student when she sent her pictures to the German edition of SCORE (Hot SCORE) for a contest the magazine held called Miss Hot SCORE. Sandra won the contest easily. The prize was a series of photo shoots with SCORE. Sandra was interested in trying hardcore porn, too, and did two hot fuck scenes. One of the judges was another German hottie, Annina, at the time her country's hottest porn star. "I first noticed Sandra's beautiful smile!" Annina said. "She has charisma and a great, curvy body. She is the whole package. For me, Sandra is Miss Hot SCORE!" I first noticed Sandra's big tits then the rest of her from head-to-toe. Our team flew to Berlin, where we filmed Sandra's first hardcore scenes. Sandra didn't act or memorize a script for her shoots. I actually wrote a script but then we realized that maybe we shouldn't overwhelm her the first time. So she simply did what came naturally to her, and what came naturally to her also included anal sex. She was one horny college student. Sandra looks considerably different now. Her tits are much bigger and her body is more toned and sleeker compared to her university days. She's more worldly and experienced in sex.